Terms of Service

It is understood that: 

By ordering any of our writing products offered through our Website, the customer undertakes to comply with and abide by any and all of the rules that are a condition of this offer:

1.The customer agrees to make payment for services rendered in advance, via Credit Card, money order, Alert Pay or any mode of payment that may be acceptable by us from time to time.

2.The said payment will depend on our Schedule of Charges as on the date of placement of the Order.

3.The number of minor revisions allowed to any paper free of charge is limited to three. Minor revisions are taken to be small adjustments in the material of the paper, title page or references that do not result in a complete or major rewrite.

4.Any additional details supplied by a customer that were not given the first time, and which would result in a major rewrite of the paper will be treated as a Major Revision. Additional charges will be charged for this service, especially if it results in an addition in the number of pages or word count.

5.In case the customer is not satisfied with a paper, he or she can order a rewrite or a completely new paper but it should be of same level of difficulty and word count or number of pages.

6.In case an order asks for too many details and the number of pages booked is insufficient, we shall be constrained to restrict details which may affect quality. It is in the customer’s own interest to book additional pages as may be necessary.

7.The customer is responsible to give us as much information as possible to write the paper to the best specifications possible. This should preferably be given the first time around, at the time of placement of initial order with us. We have allocated adequate space to each element of the order form so that these can be used while placing the order.

8.In the interests of brevity and clarity, please do not oversupply us with information which is confusing or contradictory. Please supply only information that is needed to complete the order.

9.In case a customer is not satisfied with the initial order, he or she can request for a revision within 3 days of the initial delivery of the completed order. Otherwise it will be assumed that the paper has been delivered and accepted as satisfactory.

10.We base the quality standards of all our papers as Acceptable or Pass Grade. We have the services of qualified and able researchers and writers to enable us to maintain this standard. We do not purport to make papers that would get guaranteed ‘A Level’ Grades or any other such specifications.

11.It is understood that a customer using a Credit Card that is not his or her own has the prior permission of the rightful owner of the said Credit Card. We have the right to and will pursue all legal actions permissible under the Law to recover our dues for work completed and submitted by us.

12.We will make note of any credit card order that is deemed a Fraud Order and this will be reported to the concerned bank, the concerned State and Federal authorities and the credit rating agencies. All such credit cards will also be noted as Blacklisted by our database, meaning that on no account will it be accepted by us again for subsequent orders.

13.To protect our losses against Fraud Orders, we would ask the customer to cooperate with us and when ordering large papers, limit the payment per Credit Card to US$1000 only. The customer may use additional credit cards in his own name or his family name (with prior permission of course) for additional pages ordered. The Order Form will accept this scenario. In case of any difficulty, the customer can use any other method of payment acceptable.

14.As a condition of all of the above, WriteMyPaperPhD.com undertakes to provide to the customer, papers of the description and specifications as the customer orders, according to acceptable standards and based on the experience of our able and talented researchers and writers.

15.All papers provided by us are traditionally of 225 words per page typed in Word format, double spaced, with 1 inch margins on either side of page. Font used is Times New Roman, size 12. Single spaced papers will therefore be charged double the normal rate per page.

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