Privacy Policy 

  •  We are the secret player in the game
  • Your anonymity is the aspect of our work we care greatly of. Once you have chosen to become our customer you mustn’t be worried about the possible information leaks in the system. Breach in security is something impossible and unbelievable for our company. Your personal data security is provided by the adequate anti-hacker software and the decency of our employees. Our partners in the sphere of financial processing of your order possess long-established contacts with us and are trustworthy too. 
  • Online world can be compared to the real jungle of frauds, cheatings, copyright infringements and thefts. We strive to protect your personal identity information with all our might. You remain incognito even for the writer who works at your research paper. You are the only person who takes the decision to disclose your personal information in the case of need. 
  • Unique order number and customer identification number are the first and foremost guarantees to our clients given at the very first step of our cooperation. Any support services that you get at the company are processed due to these numbers. 
  • Heart to heart talk
  • Private information is kept in secret and is not divulged to any third parties on both sides of the transparent but yet impenetrable “security wall” between you and your writer. The only personal thing a client knows about the writer is the writer number while the writer sees only the order number. This security measure facilitates the processing of your order and helps to prevent the chance of tracking the definite customer or writer down within the company structure. Any further communication of a more personal character, like sharing your first names, is completely your choice and responsibility. 
  • Our custom order guarantee provides you with the privacy and protection of your rights. Your research paper is unique, never placed in the recyclable database and surely protected against plagiarism charges We provide 100% non-plagiarised custom writing service (see our 100% Plagiarism-free Guarantee) always delivered before your deadline.